Hey look, I'm in a book!

Hey everyone, I'M IN THIS BOOK! :)

I've contributed an essay in which I explore the aftermath of our daughter's cancer journey, life overseas during the pandemic, and a transformative conversation with my spiritual director about the nature of…

Back in the saddle

It’s Friday of our first week back to homeschool. After several tiring days creaking back into the routine, this morning a small anticipation stirs in my belly. While my three kids work quietly and studiously on their independent electives…

Advent for Kids: A Family Christmas Preparation

A big piece of my heart is to equip young families with small kids to celebrate important holidays in meaningful ways. As the mom of a family of sojourners, I've worked hard over the years to develop resources for us

"The Jungles of Plontst" by William Broughton

{In this garden where all things good and true and beautiful are welcomed, here is a special guest post for your enjoyment, written by my son William: a short story he wrote for a Rabbit Room contest. While he didn't

Enough: the Story Behind

You guys, there is so much pain in the world right now. I can’t even comprehend it all, no one can, we’re all overloaded, overwhelmed, exhausted. Compassion fatigue is real -- some days we just can’t absorb any more pain. 

Coming soon...

Things are blooming over here!

Each Friday since last August (so, a whole entire year of my life, in case you missed that), I’ve tried to protect a couple hours to dive into the Alice-through-the-looking-glass world of music production. Eek!…

"One Thousand Gifts" behind the scenes 

When my three kids were all tiny humans with seemingly endless needs, we were beginning life in our small village in Central Asia. I felt really isolated, and it was a daily struggle to stay buoyant.

In 2011 Ann Voskamp's


Hey, good to see you!

So glad you stopped by.

Finally, a place to offer all my music, news, videos and thoughts under one roof. It's been a long time coming. I can't wait for you to take a look…