1. Sparrow

From the recording Sparrow

We've moved across the world many times, following God's plan for our family's life. To me, a white picket fence symbolizes security, an ideal home. A backyard swing is one of those little extras you can have if you live in one place for a long time. Much as I long for these things, they come and go. But God remains. He is my security, my place of release, my shelter, my roof, windows and floor. I can tuck my three treasured chicks under his safe, downy wings. He's made his home in us, for now; one day, we will make our home with him forever. I can't wait.


Moving again and I'm questioning
how to find rest in this sojourning
I just don't have the strength
you say I am blessed if I trust in you
you say I am blessed if my strength is in you
but I'm traveling, traveling
and It's hard to see your hand

Even the swallow finds a nest
where she may lay her young
even the sparrow finds a home
at the altars of the living God

I am your sparrow
and I'll make you my home
I will live in you
tuck my treasures underneath your wings
you'll be my roof
my walls, windows and floor
you'll be my permanence
my white picket fence
and my backyard swing

from place to place all over this globe
you've led us far and wide
and I sometimes feel the strain
but I'm holding on to your promises
holding on to what you said
that those who give up everything
will receive a hundredfold

for a day in your courts is better than
a thousand anywhere else

you are my living God