From the recording Sparrow

This song is dedicated to my amazing teammates from my stint of English teaching in East Asia, back in 2003. I originally released it in 2004 on my first record "Come"; seventeen years and eight international moves later, I still mean every word. This song is for anyone who is in a season of waiting on God without understanding. Don't worry. He will never leave you or forsake you. And he's worth it.


This brief season of time
is not for me to call mine
the timing is for you to decide
and me to follow, blind
I cannot see the way
but I can hear you say
"your hand belongs in mine,
I'll lead the way"

So I'll follow you to the end of the road
and I'll trust your heart to never let me go
and I'll wait for you as you lead me home
everywhere you send me, I will go

When I don't understand
the corners of your plan
when the waves are crashing over my head
and I cannot feel your hand
then will I lift my eyes
to the maker of the skies
to the one who said
"I'll never leave your side"