From the recording Sparrow

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Not gonna lie, I get a little tired of talking about "going to worship" and "doing church". The reality is we -- us humans -- are the house of God now, our very bodies, our beating hearts and breathing lungs and thinking minds. Worship is a verb, and it's what we do every single day of our lives, just by existing; when we add intentionality and our conscious praise of our incredible Creator, it just gets better. For a recovering perfectionist like me, this is good news: I don't have to do anything extra or special to give God praise, I just have to be.


We talk about church as a building
We use "worship" as a noun
"Did you go to worship this morning?" we ask,
with a smile painted on
But worship is not just a verb with melodies,
voices, guitars and a flute;
God's church is His people,
and worship is what we do

We breathe, we worship
We love, we worship
The blood pumps through our veins
and our beating hearts keep praising
We laugh, we worship
We cry, we worship
We wait for love, we long for home
We live -- we worship

We pay the bills, we watch a movie
We cook our dinner, welcome friends
We send our money and offer prayer,
sit with a lonely heart in Jesus' name
We pour out hopes and fears and longings,
We create with colors, flavors and words
We call these things "living"

But if the Spirit of the Living God
lives inside of you,
Then your living
is your worship too

So whatever we do
in word or deed,
do it all in Jesus' name
Then everything
we do and say
will be a sacrifice of praise